Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty Information

We provide a lifetime defect warranty on all products sold online or in store. This includes any alterations or ring sizing done here at Gerber Jeweler. This does not include any damage to (or loss of) jewelry or stones due to abuse or normal wear and tear. The warranty is voided if another jeweler works on the piece. The reason for this is that many jewelers use low-quality materials or quick methods of repair or sizing which permanently damage multiple parts of the jewelry. 

Return and Refund Policy

If you are no longer happy with your purchase from Gerber Jeweler, please contact us. We will instruct you on how to ship the item to us safely. As long as there is no damage or excessive wear, (like-new condition) we will be happy to issue you a store credit that you may use on any other product you choose.  This service is not available for special order or custom made items. At this time we do not offer refunds. 

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry requires maintenance from time to time. We recommend having all your jewelry -especially rings- checked every six months by a qualified jeweler. The #1 reason diamonds are lost is because the prongs have worn too thin. This is entirely preventable, but can cost thousands of dollars to replace. If you would like us to check your jewelry for any needed repairs, please contact us. We will instruct you on how to ship the item to us safely. Once we receive it, we will clean and inspect your jewelry for any needed repairs. If any are needed, we will contact you before we do any work. If no repairs are needed, you will only need to pay for the return shipping.